Could your next office be in a hotel?

With apps, smart phones, and tablets making it easier for people to work on the go, the amount of people working outside of traditional office spaces seems to be on the incline. As part of this trend, hotels are recognizing the demand for a temporary work space – wherever it may be needed, whether it be for a group meeting or personal use – and have begun to partner with a company called LiquidSpace. Liquidspace allows anyone to reserve meeting rooms online or through a mobile app at various spaces and hotels.
Marriott hotels is the first chain to begin utilizing this type of service through the provider Workspace on Demand. Through this service customers can pay per hour to use a conference room and Wi-Fi whether they are a hotel guest or simply need to conduct a business call. Currently, this amenity is only available in San Francisco, Washington D.C, Atlanta, and Houston as Marriott is testing out how many people will actually take advantage of the service.
Westin Hotels and Resorts is also doing this with Tangent. Over forty of its properties are expected to provide this service by the end of this year. These hotels offer meeting rooms designed for small groups as well as for individual work. They also conveniently offer office supplies, floor-to-ceiling whiteboards, printers, and televisions.
Do you think workers will make use of these new, innovative hotel offices or continue to do business in the traditional way? 

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