Attracting Millennials: The Hotel Industry in 2013

What is one aspect all successful hotels have in common? Good design, regardless of price. Guests are attracted to a stylish yet functional design. In recent years, the demand for stylish hotels at lower prices is increasing mostly due to the wants of millennials. Many hotels are focusing on redesigning their properties to attract more style oriented guests.
Marriott is one hotel chain that is completely redesigning their Courtyard properties to meet this need. They have already redesigned 650 of their Courtyard hotels, and expect to have this change applied to the rest of their hotels by the end of 2013.
Travelers want new, progressive designs while still being functional in order to accommodate all their tech devices. Travelling for work can be very stressful and guests want their hotel room to be a break from stress. Marriott has an ongoing process of researching what their guests want to get out of their stays. It wasn’t room service, many restaurants, or a spa; they just want a pool, great design, and great customer service.
As the need to appeal to millennials continues to grow, will hotels find more creative ways to make themselves stand out?

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