A New Way to Access Facebook

While rumors of Facebook creating a smart phone have been denied, the company does plan to release a new interface for Android smart phones. When users unlock their phone, the first thing they will see on their home screen is what will be called Coverfeed, which works in a similar way to the Newsfeed feature on the actual site. This can prove to be useful and innovative for the many people who check their Facebook accounts first thing in the morning.
Users will be able to access Facebook from anywhere on phones while still having access to all the other apps they may have. Another feature of Facebook Home is the ability to respond to Facebook messages while not interrupting the use of other applications at the same time. Facebook Home will also integrate all Facebook messages and text messages from the same friends onto one screen.
Facebook Home will be available for users to download beginning April 12th 2013, but only on select devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy Note II, and the HTC One X. Facebook has also partnered with HTC to create the HTC First smart phone that will be less expensive than top selling smart phones and include standard features, but will be optimized for Facebook Home. The goal of this new interface is to have smart phones be centered on people instead of apps. Will smart phone users find Facebook Home more innovative and easier to use or will they prefer to stick to the traditional way of accessing their Facebook accounts?

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