Targeting a New Group of Hotel Guests

Read any hotel news or rate special and you will more than likely find that properties seem to gear themselves towards two groups, adults and children. But what about the Beiber-loving, Converse-wearing group that makes up so much of our population? With that in mind hotels have begun trying to draw the attention of the teenager market; hotel companies such as Omni Hotels, Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons, and Marriott have begun to tap into this important segment.
One way hotels are doing this is by offering teen concierges that find exciting new activities to keep teens entertained during their stay. These teen concierges are staffed with people between the ages of 18-25 so that teen guests feel valued and hopefully want to visit again on their own once they are older (or may even entice their parents to take a trip back). Teens are offered various on and off property activity options while being able to have time away from their parents, but still be in a safe environment with other guests their age.
Targeting teens is an important way to attract potential hotel guests. And because teens are often glued to their smart phones and social media accounts, hotels may gain some free advertising. Sounds like an all around win to us! 

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