Up in the Air and While on Vacation – Airline and Hospitality Mobile Technology

As with the rest of society Airports seem to move their focus towards new technologies, with the overall goal being the improvement of customer service. As part of this airlines have shifted focus with the use of mobile optimized websites and apps.

Mobile apps allow customers to see their wait time and flight delays. Wait times are one of the main annoyances listed by travelers today, and being able to track them is a major plus in our book!
Another new technology is a GPS style system which allows customers to get directions to their specific gate number. No more looking lost in unfamiliar airports! It seems like airports need these new technologies in order to advance and draw more customers.
With all the perks associated with mobile applications it’s no wonder that mobile applications seem to be hitting various markets. Take a look at us for example. Percipia Networks’ mobile applications allow hotel properties to access their guests even before stepping foot on the property. Guests can make changes to their reservations or locate restaurants and entertainment near their hotels all from their mobile phones. And because hotels can feature their restaurants and spas directly to their hotel guest, mobile apps have become a great and relatively inexpensive way for hotels to market themselves. So what do you think? Would you use your mobile device to customize your flight or stay? 

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