Smart Watches: The Latest in Wearable Technology

We already mentioned one new wearable tech product, Google glass, but now tech companies are competing to create the latest in wearable technology. With watch sales declining over the past year why not find a way in our technology advanced world to create a smart watch that does more than simply tell time? It’s no surprise that companies like Apple, Samsung, and Google have smart watches on their minds. Let’s take a look at what these companies have planned for their version of a smart watch…
Apple plans to have its iWatch notify wearers when they receive a call or a text and allows access to maps.  Even more convenient the iWatch could solve all our lost iPhone problems – the iWatch has the capability to warn wearers when they are a certain distance away from their phones. It is also rumored to run on the same operating systems as other Apple products, allowing users to sync their information across all their devices.
Samsung’s Galaxy Altius is expected to have the same capabilities as the Samsung Galaxy smart phones. The Galaxy Altius also plans to run on the same Android platform as smart phones and include a music player and email access.
Google’s smart watch allows wearers with the ability to change the channels on your TV for you. So long lost remote! Google has also applied for patents on a flip up display and a camera. 
Smart watches could enhance and control the use of smart phones, which could widen their appeal. How useful would a smart watch really be? What does a smart watch offer that isn’t offered by smart phones or tablets already? With all the latest technological advancements, cell phones, tablets, and PCs, it may be more of a matter of what type of device the user prefers and finds easier to use. Can smart watches become the latest must have device?

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