PCs or Tablets in the Workplace?

When the iPad initially hit the marketplace most people thought it was a groundbreaking device, but that it could never take the place of a PC. However, with new apps and advances, tablets are becoming an indispensable part of many businesses both large and small. The Microsoft Surface for example offers a built in keyboard for employees who hate using a touch screen. Tablets also make use of “cloud” technology, allowing employees to save their work online and still have access to it from anywhere. Laptops and PCs have this technology as well, but a tablet is more portable and can be taken anywhere. Overall tablets run faster than PCs, and in today’s fast paced business world, speed is everything.
Not all companies are making the switch however; some still like having actual computers for doing the majority of business tasks. Some have given a tablet to their employees to use in the field, but also still have PCs available back at the office. Using tablets in the field allows employees to take a high quality photo and instantly email it to a client without having to wait until they get back to the office. This also makes multi-tasking easier which frees up more time for the company to focus on improvements and specific goals. Tablets can be an extremely valuable tool to many businesses, and could eventually replace PCs. However, only time will tell if tablets are the new PCs or just a passing fad.

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