How Facebook Graph Search can Help your Business

Facebook is an ever increasingly important part of our lives; everyone from college students to business professionals uses it. Facebook is a ubiquitous part of our society, when meeting someone new you may add them on Facebook before you get their contact info. Until recently however, it was hard to really target one audience on the site due to its large amount of members, but Graph Search may change all that.
Graph search is a tool which allows you to target certain pages or friends and send out a message catered towards them. It’s currently only available in a Beta version for a select few users, but the possibilities are endless. A company could use it to figure out which users interact most with their brand and offer special deals to them as a reward for being a loyal customer. It has the potential to allow companies to find new employees based on education and previous job experience in a way similar to Linked In. Companies could also tailor their marketing toward which ever group they want to cater to. Graph Search is an exciting idea because it would make customized marketing much easier. We live in an increasingly digital world and Graph Search is Facebook’s answer to that.

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