Instagram: A Useful Marketing Tool for your Company

Many companies are aware that in order to reach their target audience these days, it’s necessary to participate in social networking. We all know about the popular use of Facebook and Twitter, but what about Instagram? This social media platform may seem like something that is used only to share photos of pets or food with your friends using various filters, but recently it has proven to be a marketing strategy for companies. Let’s take a look at its potential benefits…
Promoting Events: Many conferences and events have hashtags for attendees to use on Twitter while at the event. Those hashtags can also be used on Instagram to reach a target audience in the same way as Twitter, but while providing a visual. By uploading a picture of your conference exhibit booth customers have a way to interact with your brand, and it could attract more foot traffic not only to your exhibit but also on your company website.
Connecting with Followers: The images provided by Instagram allow clients to see who they are working with, essentially putting a face to the company name. Letting your audience to view images of your staff, products, etc., gives customers the ability to have a deeper insight into your company on a more personal level.
Web Profiles: Facebook’s recent purchase of Instagram has expanded the application far beyond its original mobile app platform. Users can now engage with those that they follow online in a way similar to Facebook, but the content is all photo based. Instagram is unique from other social platforms like Facebook and Twitter because there is little to no content provided through the application. As a result, Instagram provides an “instant” snap shot of the message you are trying to get across without overwhelming your audience with too much information.
In today’s technology driven society, Instagram can be an integral part of the marketing experience. These are just a few of the ways businesses have recently started using Instagram to market themselves. Can Instagram become an important part of marketing, or will it just be a silly way to kill time on the internet? Only time will tell. 

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