Project Glass: Innovative Technology or a Distraction from Reality?

We previously mentioned one of Google’s highly anticipated products, Google glass, set to be released at the end of this year. You remember – the product that consumers will be able to wear as a headset that has a small screen attached to it that displays whatever they want.
While this product is something everyone seems to be excited about the device itself leaves us pondering just how well the consumer market will take hold of Google’s newest tech addition. The product itself may seem like a leap forward due to its ability to access information seamlessly and faster however, what are the disadvantages? We wonder how our already tech crazed and cell phone dependent generation will be able to focus on anything outside of the “tech world” while sporting Google glass. Will this be an even bigger distraction to our already distracted population? With the ability to see any information you want right in front of you, users may become even less aware of their non-virtual realities happening around them. So you vote – will Google glass be a more helpful or harmful device to us once it hits the market? 

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