Right Now: 5 Tech Companies we’re Watching

With all the technological advancements to look forward to in 2013, it’s interesting to see which companies have been deemed “most successful” thus far. Here’s a few of the “trending” companies we’re watching…     
1.       Apple: Even with competition from Samsung’s Galaxy S III smart phone and Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD tablet, Apple has still managed to stay on top as one of the most successful tech companies. With its recent release of the iPhone 5 and iPad mini, Apple continues to maintain its strong consumer base.
2.       Google: Although its first Nexus smart phone failed to compete with other similar products, Google is currently awaiting the highly anticipated release of Google glass and has recently released its first touch-screen Chromebook. Google glass is an augmented reality headset essentially allowing users to take pictures, look up information, and share information with friends via a screen located on the headset.
Google Glass
3.       Amazon: In addition to its success as an online retailer, Amazon has joined Apple in the competition for tablets. With their release of the Kindle Fire HD, which ranked #2 among tablet sales, Amazon’s cost effective product seems to have given the iPad a run for its money.
4.       IBM: In 2013, IBM plans to expand into the mobile market by creating a partnership with AT&T. Reports also predict extensive growth in emerging global markets.
5.       Microsoft: With the release of Windows 8 and Windows RT, Microsoft has had incredible success, mainly due to the distinctly different operating systems and interface. Launching its own touch screen tablet with PC capabilities, the Microsoft Surface has separated itself from the iPad. The Microsoft Surface can essentially be used just as a desktop can, while still maintaining the portability and convenience of a tablet.

Microsoft Surface
Now that these major companies are putting new technology out on the market and other companies are competing to be the best, will these companies be able to remain on top?
Note: Information is gathered from CNN article posted 2/28/13 by Omar Akhtar.

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