3 European Destinations on Our List

This week Chicago’s winter is in full affect.  While battling the cold and bundling up to stay warm on public transportation it got us thinking – aside from warm travel destinations what are some of the few and a little unexpected travel destinations of interest in early 2013?  It was hard to bypass the beach destinations and recent press announcements (congrats to Northwood Investors and developer Pritam Sigh for your latest investment in the three Florida Keys properties) and stay focused on the task at hand, but we tried! Take a look at 3 European destinations that are definitely on our radar…
Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland’s capital is considered one of the most affordable destinations and boasts a variety of spectacular natural wonders – from glaciers to volcanoes this city has a lot to offer – salmon fishing being one of them.  But why travel here where current temperatures are similar to fall in Chicago (typically temperatures for this time of year fall in the mid 40’s)?  The Winter Lights Festival! This four day festival celebrates the Nordic winter and welcomes the growing light after a long period of darkness – something we Chicagoans can definitely relate to!  The festival, being held from February 7 – 10, features a variety of cultural spectaculars – entertainment, sports, galleries, etc. – and is sure to spark up the city!  Fingers crossed that the Radisson Blu Saga Hotel Reykjavik can hold a room for us!

Innsbruck, Austria
We’re getting a little warmer with Austria’s capital whose climate this time of year is similar to Chicago’s spring.  Enclosed by the Alps, the city features alpine views from nearly every angle.  And with an incredible architectural history your camera is bound to be put to good use.  But what puts this destination on our list this time of year (aside from the amazing food, culture and history)? The Billabong Air and Style show! 
This February 1-2, Bergisel Stadium will be full of the world’s best snowboarders ready to show off their talents.  We may just have to book our tickets and reservations today – Grand Hotel Europa here we come! For ticket and reservation information visit http://www.air-style.com.
Image from http://www.redbull.com

Berlin, Germany
Similar in climate to Innsbruck, Germany’s capital boasting nearly 3.5 million people has our travel minds in motion! While the Brandenburg Airport isn’t set to open until October we may just have to get there this week! Why? Because Berlin knows how to do January right!  Berlin is set to host countless events in January and February featuring everything from sports to fashion. 
Just a few that got our attention-the Bread & Butter Berlin features fashion and the season’s hot trends – fashionista’s unite! Or perhaps you’re more the “sports type”. Then check out the Berlin Six Day Race where cyclist put the pedal to the metal and show their skills.  Music suits your fancy? CTM, the Festival for Adventurous Music & Related Arts may be more your tune – take a listen and look at the club and music trends that are the focus of this event.  And with even more events listed in February we may just have to stay a while – might as well visit our friends at the Waldorf for the opening of their 232-room Waldorf Astoria Berlin opening! 

There you have it – hopefully we can keep “travel to new destinations” on our list of New Year’s resolutions!

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