Top 5 tech trends for 2013

Good day and happy 2013! As I recently traveled back to Chicago from my hometown of Seattle, I began to wonder what tech trends would begin to appear in the year 2013. Would it be the year of more open source technology or would we begin veering to the trends that began to shape us in 2012 with all of the new hardware? Here’s a look at our top 5…
Number 1 – the tablet revolution.
Apple revolutionized the market with the iPad, but because of the growing market value, competitors are beginning to rise up and challenge Apple with their own version of the tablet often offered at lower prices.  In fact, tablets are likely to outsell desktop PC’s and netbooks thanks to better-than-HD-resolution screens, thinner designs, improved interaction with TV’s and prices that dip below $100. It’s no wonder that the hospitality industry is taking notice.
Tablets on the rise in 2013!

Number 2 – the laptop/tablet hybrid. Microsoft’s Windows 8 is the premiere front runner in this race and seems to be stealing the market early on; however, other hybrid machines like the Lenovo Yoga and similar ‘touch and type’ computers from brands like Acer and Sony may give Microsoft’s Windows 8 a run for their money.  As far as I’m concerned we may want to expect all computers to have touch screens in the near future.
Number 3 – flexible displays. These displays will allow the creation of phones and tablets to have an extender screen, allowing you to fold the screens when not in use.
With the flexible screen, you no longer will have to worry about reordering broken LED screens.

Number 4 – the “smarter” TV. The idea of combining the internet and TV has been a holy grail for over a decade and the desire of most technology companies. The growth of the smart TV is being largely driven by new set-top boxes from the likes of YouView and Freesat, which combine broadcast TV and on-demand services.  2013 will see a proliferation of small, cheap set-top boxes that bring the power of the internet to the big screen and allow streaming from tablets and smartphones.
Number 5 – even higher definition TV. The first Ultra HD screens will arrive in 2013, offering four times the resolution of high-definition. This means delivering a staggeringly realistic picture and the ability to show 3D content in better-than-HD quality. As with 3D, ultra HD is likely to suffer from the lack of content available but that could change quickly.
We will leave you with those top 5 as some food for thought.  What do you think are the top tech trends for 2013? We promise we have a few more in mind but for now we’ll keep you guessing!
NOTE: All information gathered is from Huffington Post Article Posted 1/1/2013 by Matt Leeser

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