Happy Holidays!

 Greetings from Percipia Networks! I hope all of Chicagoland and all of you are in the mood for the upcoming festive season! Today, our wonderful interns Frenz and Tanya joined us for our fantastic company Thanksgiving. As the new interns, they are going to help push Percipia Networks into the New Year and beyond! 

Frenz mean mugs the camera as our fearless leader Dan sips on his wonderful and energy driven soda!

All of us are thankful for being here at Percipia Networks and the upcoming holidays are a great way to thank our family, friends and coworkers. Being new to the area of Chicago, I have come to grow with this group and it feels that our small family at Percipia Networks is growing even larger. This New Year will bring in more explorations from us in the tech industry. Fortunately for all of us, we will be able to see how our talented team takes on these new roles and responsibilities.  As a newcomer to Percipia Networks, this experience has been rewarding for me because it allows me to explore all new avenues in technology. So enjoy the holidays and as we begin to explore new territory in a new setting, we will continue to update the public with all of our new explorations.  We look forward to hearing from all of you after the new year!

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