Tablet Wars

Google is joining the major players in the tablet game as it unveiled not one but three new high tech advancements. On Monday Google revealed a brand new Nexus phone, it’s new tablet and a new Android powered operating system to go with both the phone and the tablet.  Here’s how they add up-
The Phone- These days it’s hard to keep track of all the different types of smart phones coming out. Deciding which one to buy can get confusing and sometimes frustrating, but Google is trying to rid that frustration by convincing consumers that the new Nexus 4 is the phone to have. Because Nexus phones have never sold particularly well, Google is luring in customers with a super affordable “unlocked” smartphone plan that is over $300 cheaper than an unlocked Apple iPhone plan.  A downside to the phone is that it has less than half of the typical storage for a smartphone, only boasting 8 GB.
The new Nexus 4- check out that HUGE screen
The Tablet- The new Nexus 10 has some competition for being the tablet to have this holiday season. It’s competitors include the Apple iPad, (& iPad mini), Kindle Fire & Microsoft Surface. Although all of these tablet boast impressive features, The Nexus 10 on the other hand has some that even the latest Apple iPad or Microsoft Surface don’t have.  Things like the highest resolution screen, multiple use account options and stereo speakers come equipped with the tablet. With both the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 being cheaper than all of the competing Apple and Microsoft phones & tablets and having some improved features, this might be the gift to give (or receive).
The Nexus 10, the latest competition in the Tablet industry

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