With New Technology Comes New Challenges

In a short amount of time, wireless technology has changed the way the world does just about everything.  With mobile and wireless devices in our hands, and media and information up in The Cloud, there are limitless possibilities for access, right? Wrong.
This week hotel CEOs met with USA Today’s Barabara De Lollis to discuss the new challenges hotels face as they continue to recover from the recession (such as tech- savvy, web surfing travelers who have different expectations than previous generations of guests). Some of the industry’s top executives including Marriott International CEO J.W. “Bill” Marriott Jr.; InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) CEO Richard Solomons; Carlson CEO Hubert Joly; Choice Hotels CEO Steve Joyce; and Eric Danziger, CEO Wyndham Hotel Group weighed in on this discussion.
The discussion centered around internet access and how it has become a top priority for today’s travelers.  Along with the iPad revolution and smart phone explosion, bandwidth use has grown at an extremely rapid pace. As a result, hotels have had to narrow the number of internet suppliers they use in order to increase bandwidth and improve service.  Those properties who opt not to focus their efforts on seamless and high-speed internet access face guest dissatisfaction due to the inability to utilize smart phones and tablets within the comfort of their rooms.
Along with this shift, Hotels are also considering applying differential charges to the internet service they provide. But whether hotels charge or offer free internet hotels have one thing in common – to ensure that internet service is reliable and readily available to their guests.
Wireless technology has the potential to make many things in today’s hotels drastically different, and we can help! For more information on how our products and services can assist your property please visit www.percipianetworks.com

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