Top Halloween Destinations

Halloween is quickly approaching, and it’s definitely time to take out those costume boxes. With the influx of jack-o-lanterns and haunted houses that are about to appear around every corner, it seems appropriate to take a gander at some of America’s most famous spooky cities.
Salem, MA
Home of the Salem Witch Trials, this eccentric little town holds a lot of scary history. Beginning in 1692 and lasting only a year, quite a handful of individuals were accused of practicing witchcraft. They were stoned, hanged and executed in a variety of ways. Salem now remembers the Witch Trials history by holding an annual Halloween festival every year. The streets crowd with ghosts and ghouls alike, making it a top destination for anyone looking for a scary good time.
San Francisco, CA
San Francisco is one of the greatest cities in the country, and also one of the scariest during Halloween season. Alcatraz in particular offers tours of the famous military prison called “Alcatraz After Dark”. Patrons get a guided tour of the jail, and experience the  creepy and unsettling feeling of the shady jail cells in addition to other rooms in the building.
New Orleans, LA
If you’re looking for a not-so-frightening getaway this Halloween season, take a trip to New Orleans. With its yearly Halloween parade, the city celebrates by filling Frenchman Street in the Faubourg Marigny. People decorated in all sorts of Halloween gear celebrate by singing and dancing and showing off their outlandish costumes. The architecture of some of the old buildings throughout the city create a spooky vibe bound to be enjoyed by visitors from all over.
Savannah, GA
Dubbed America’s most haunted city, Savannah has the history to scare anyone. From world famous murder trials to bloody Civil War memories, Savannah is the place to be if you’re looking for a scare. There are countless ghost walks, all looking for any unsettling inkling of Civil War soldier souls still walking the streets.
Chicago, IL
And just to throw in our hometown pride, Chicago is bound to thrill, scare and entertain you! Aside from Halloween parades and the annual Haunted Hotel Ball, Chicago is also home to the murder castle of H.H. Holmes, a haunted house based on America’s first serial killer who terrorized the city during the World’s Fair in the late 1800’s.
There you have it, just a few of the countless cities celebrating the Halloween season. What are you going to dress up as this year?

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