The Newest TV on the Block

Samsung premiered its new campaign for their new Smart TV Sunday night at the Oscars. This Smart TV is the first of its kind HDTV that incorporates voice commands, facial recognition and gesture control. A simple gesture is all it takes to access your favorite movies, sports, apps and other Smart Content. All you need is your hands to control TV functions by swiping to navigate and grabbing to select. It’s as smart as it is easy.
With voice control, simply speak and your Smart TV turns on. It’s a faster, easier, smarter way to control your TV. The Smart TV’s built-in camera recognizes your face and logs you into your profile, giving you instant access to your favorite apps, personal Skype address book and more. The built in camera also allows you to Skype with your friends and family, as well as share pictures and videos. You can also access all your social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, right from the TV. The Smart TV also comes with Cutting-edge TV Apps, new Signature Services, plus web browsing, to enhance the TV experience.
This TV is truly revolutionary and could benefit the hospitality industry in many ways.  Our question for all the hoteliers is do you see your property incorporating this ground-breaking TV? If you answered yes, where do you think it would be best utilized, dining areas, lobbies or guest rooms? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below, we are interested to hear your take on the future of TVs.
If you’re interested in obtaining this TV for your property, Percipia can help! For more information please visit

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