The Future of Hotel Technology

For years, hoteliers around the globe have been looking to the stars in hopes of opening the first ever luxury hotel in space. The latest outer space hotel aspiration comes from Russia. Orbital Technologies has designed luxury space pods that include sealed in showers, fine dining, and a 7-digit price tag. The level of technology necessary for these pods is an astounding undertaking, which is why Orbital Technologies has set an expected launch date of 2015. However, if the company is indeed able to follow through with the project, it will open a new world of opportunities for the hospitality technology industry.
A more recent technological advance for hotels took place this past month at New York’s Belvedere Hotel. The Belvedere installed monitors in its lobby with up-to-date flight information for all the surrounding airports. The hotel GM, Michael Link, foresees the hotel eventually providing this information in each guest room. Guests with delayed or cancelled flights will not only avoid a poorly timed trip to the airport, but also even avoid getting out of bed. This level of convenience will certainly be welcomed by business travelers and will increase customer loyalty.
Percipia Networks is at the forefront of hotel technology solutions, and flight information is among the many applications we can install on Cisco and NEC guest room phones. We look forward to following the progress of these projects, and we hope to add to these innovation trends.  For more information please visit our website at

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