Technology Audits: Why are they Imperative for Hotels?

Finding new and innovative ways to enhance technology in hospitality is a major trend right now. However, the ever accelerating pace at which technology is improving is making it hard for hotels and their staff to keep up. A hotel’s best endeavor to enhance efficiency and transparency in a property can fall flat if the technology installed is not used to its fullest. Management needs to remember that while making large investments is important, it is even more vital to bring employees on board and ensure training in order to insure that the onsite technology is used to its full potential.  Research indicates that the best way to manage this is to perform a technology audit.
A technology audit is a three phase evaluation process that helps automate repetitive mundane business processes that unnecessarily pile on man hours. An audit can determine whether technology installed to automate mundane tasks and enhance efficiency is doing what it is expected to do. Audits help properties determine whether the technology they have invested in is bringing them adequate returns, locates areas where it is being underutilized and informs hotels when they need to phase out old technology.
  • This key phase of a technology audit helps hotels increase overall operational efficiency and also plug revenue leaks.
Asset Analysis
  • An asset analysis allows hotel managers to gain an understanding of existing infrastructure and insights into the utilization of resources. Underutilization of technology can cost hoteliers a fortune and eats into profit margins which make this an extremely critical part of the auditing process.
Analysis of Processes, Policies, and Procedures
  • In this phase consultants work with managers to review current policies and processes in an attempt to streamline and automate them in tandem with strategic goals of the hospitality property.

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