Superstorm Sandy

This week millions of people on the East coast are bracing for the arrival of Hurricane Sandy. Instead of taking the usual hurricane route into the Gulf of Mexico, the category one storm took an unusual turn last week and is now headed directly for the Northeast. Major cities are taking extra precautions to stay safe these next few days. New York City, Atlantic City & Washington DC are among the countless cities being affected by Sandy. Residents have been urged to move inland to higher ground and some coastal cities are also implementing mandatory evacuations for the safety of their residents.
In New Jersey, the governor has declared a state of emergency and ordered all schools and state offices to be closed on Monday 10/29.  It is unusual for a hurricane with category one strength to reach the Northeast, but it has happened before. Last year Hurricane Irene plagued the northeast with buckets of rain and heavy winds. This year in preparation for Sandy, New York City has practically been shut down. All mass transit into and out of the city is out of service until further notice.  Thousands of flights have already been cancelled and the busiest airports in the Tri State area are closed until Sandy passes, with each of the three big NYC airports having over 1000 cancellations each just today.
Pieces of the historic Atlantic City boardwalk floating in the Atlantic
 With some of our clients residing in the Northeast, we urge you all to stay smart and stay safe!

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