Results Are In!

In March Percipia Networks attended the Hi Connect Design, a trade show allowing attendees the unique opportunity to interact with real environments while connecting with potential contacts and clients. At the trade show, real-time polling took place in order to see what top industry leaders thought about current major trends in the hospitality industry.  Here are the results:
What’s Lukewarm…
The government has issued new ADA rules requiring swimming pools to have disability lifts by May 15, 2012. This requirement has made many hoteliers rethink onsite swimming pools due to the costs associated and new regulations. Research also suggests that swimming pools are the number one amenity not used by hotel guests. While research shows that swimming pools are underutilized they are the most requested amenity by guests – forcing hoteliers to choose between what is used and what is requested.
Another lukewarm trend is sustainability, which started off as a hot button topic and fell off as the industry hit recession. Now that businesses are in the midst of an upswing, the trend is here to stay, at least for the time being.
What’s Hot!
The number one trend listed by Hi Connect attendees was increasing lobby areas to be more social settings. Nearly 86% of attendees said that it’s a critical and definable trend. Research indicates that this may be because the majority of hotel guests today are business travelers.  As a result, business travelers tend to migrate towards hotels who offer a more social scene and a way to unwind after a busy work day.
We found these results extremely interesting and look forward to bringing you more information on upcoming trends in the hospitality arena!

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