Percipia at HI Connect: Day 2

Today marks the second and final day at HI Connect for Percipia! Today at HI Connect attendees will continue to tour display guest rooms and a variety of sessions presented by top industry procurement pros, innovative owners, and leading hotel company development executives. The sessions discuss the topics of purchasing trends, design and branding.
Our very own Kevin Yarnell attended one of the sessions titled The Visibility Coach. This was a session given by marketing pro David Avrin, who is known internationally as the “Visibility Coach”. David has spent over two decades on the front lines of Marketing, Public Relations and Strategic Branding. His highly-informative, thought-provoking and always entertaining marketing programs have been presented to audiences across North America and around the world. He is the author of three books including the Amazon best-seller: It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Who Knows You! Kevin told us that this was a very informative session and he gained a lot of knowledge that he plans to share with the rest of the Percipia team.
HI Connect has been a great success and we have seen a lot of great displays. Our software was featured on multiple NEC phones within the displays and we are grateful we got the opportunity to attend such a phenomenal trade show! Till next year HI Connect! To learn more about Percipia updates and products visit

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