Our Conference Take Aways

Sadly our conference week has come to an end.  We had a great time showcasing our products at HTNG and meeting new friends at NIGA. It truly was a great experience and we learned a lot. We thought it would be nice to offer a few take away points for all you subscribers who were unable to attend these amazing conferences.
HTNG- Four Seasons, Chicago
Where to start…there were so many informational sessions that we really enjoyed! With the vast amount of knowledge shared it would be hard to detail them all, however we do have room to talk about a few! As you all know mobile and wireless capabilities and social media use are hot button topics for the hospitality industry right now, and two of Wednesday’s sessions touched on both of these topics.
In the session, “The Impact of Mobile Devices on the Hotel Wireless Network”, the focus was on the latest research into guest behavior as well as expert forecasts. Research indicates that guest behavior is essential to determine future hotel practices. This was extremely helpful for us because we offer internet to a variety of different hotels and having the inside scoop on what guests are expecting from hotel wireless will allow us to better serve our clients needs.
The second session, “Make Social Media Rock in 2012”, discussed insider knowledge on the social media revolution. Morris Sim, the keynote speaker, touched upon key insights and how social media has transformed and touched nearly every way we interact with one another throughout the world.  Katherine Lang attended this forum.  “Generally, we hear about social media almost every day, however we rarely get to see firsthand just how impactful this outlet can be.  This discussion and the HTNG show overall was a truly valuable experience and essential within the Hospitality marketplace.” – <a data-mce-href="Katherine Lang ” href=”http://www.percipianetworksblog.com/wp-admin/%3Ca%20href=%22mailto:klang@percipianetworks.com%22%3EKatherine%20Lang%3C/a%3E&#8221; style=”color: #1b8be0; font-style: inherit; line-height: 1.625; text-decoration: none;”>Katherine Lang, Director of Business Development, Percipia Networks
NIGA – San Diego
Jennifer Sullivan, has been reporting about her time at the Indian Gaming Show and she has had nothing but nice things to say.  “Everyone I spoke with said that the show was a great success – the workshops were informative and extremely relevant to the issues facing tribal casinos today.  The tradeshow was filled with all the latest wares that vendors had to offer (see the cool Elvis slot machine picture attached) and there was a lot of excitement and buzz around ways to have casinos go green.  And the arts and crafts section showcased the beauty and originality of the artists (see attached pictures). Overall, I would say that this is a show not to be missed!” – <a data-mce-href="Jennifer Sullivan” href=”http://www.percipianetworksblog.com/wp-admin/%3Ca%20href=%22mailto:jsullivan@percipianetworks.com%22%3EJennifer%20Sullivan%3C/a%3E&#8221; style=”color: #1b8be0; font-style: inherit; line-height: 1.625; text-decoration: none;”>Jennifer Sullivan, Major Account Executive, Percipia Networks
You heard it here first! These conferences are great opportunities and shouldn’t be missed! To learn more about what Percipia is involved with visit www.percipianetworks.com

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