Mobile Evolution – A Closer Look

The first cell phone came out for commercial retail in 1983. Cell phone technology has come a long way in 29 years. Phones have become progressively smaller, faster, lighter, and sleeker.What is next? Really, think about it. What more can technology moguls come up with to woo the everyday consumer, us connoisseurs of the tech industry? We truly have a mobile computer at our fingertips. We carry around a gateway of information on literally almost any subject you can think of in our back pockets. We are walking encyclopedias, calculators, event planners, scrabble players, horoscope readers – oh yeah and in the event that we don’t want to text we can call each other too. In honor of the iPhone’s newest family member, let’s take a look at a rough evolution of the cell phone, beginning in 1985.
The cell phones of 1987. These phones are HUGE. Forget about texting, these bad boys were strictly for one on one conversation.
1989- This Motorola is slimmed down a little, but still rather brick-like.
1996- Jumping ahead a few years, the Motorola “flip phone” has arrived and is here to stay for quite a while.
1998- This Nokia is still known as one of the most durable phones ever.
2000- A sleeker design for mobile phones begins here.
2007- Fast forward seven years and arrive at Blackberry. This was the first huge craze I remember, probably because of its full keyboard and internet browsing capabilities. This was the beginning of the smart phone empire.
Touch screen phones like the iPhone and Android operated phones are all the rage right now. They truly make life easier, more convenient, and offer the most up to date news, weather, trends, and nearly everything else you can imagine. Who knows what will come next- what more do we need? What is the next big thing you’ll wait in line for? Happy birthday iPhone5 – we can’t wait to meet your smaller and better younger brother in a few months!

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