Make Room for the Millennials

The hotel industry, struggling to recover from the depths of the recession, has begun to consider marketing to a group of travelers that appears to be crucial to its economic growth, Millennials! Travelers in their mid 20s and mid 30s are obsessed with technology, social media and design, and now hotel owners and operators are remodeling their properties so that they offer free hotel wide Wi-Fi connections; large lobbies; in room power consoles; and stylish bars.
In 2010, younger travelers rose to 20 percent, making them the fastest growing age segment. The reason for all of these innovative products and advancements is because the younger traveler prefers interesting and convenience over comfort. They view high speed internet as important as air and would rather complain and interact with friends online. This generation also prefers to socialize and work in the lobbies rather than in their rooms.
Although many hotels are beginning to accommodate these preferences, some are wondering, are these trends just a passing fad? Hotel analyst Gerard Greene assures that this is anything but a passing fad. As these travelers get older they will continue to prefer these things because they will see the younger generations demanding this and more, so consider these upgrades as permanent changes for the future. To learn how to upgrade your property please visit

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