Is Air The Next Step In Green Technology?

Air, it’s free, hot and can be used as a source of energy! This week multiple UK startups will be visiting the Cleantech Forum in San Francisco to discuss their new developments in green technology. One startup that caught our attention was Zeta LED. Zeta has developed an air-cooled LED light bulb. The light bulb consumes 10 watts of power and puts out as much light as a 60 watt light bulb. Zeta has found a way to keep its bulb cool by channeling air through the vents in the structure itself: the vents are the strips and holes that separate the yellow LED arrays (see photo). The unique thing about this bulb is that it does not have a glass dome covering it. Air would not be able to circulate if the bulb was completely covered. These new air powered light bulbs will cut down power consumption by about $10 dollars a year and they last for decades! Do you think hotels will be able to take their “Going Green” initiatives to the next level with these new bulbs? Leave us a comment with your thoughts and to learn more visit

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