Happy New Year!: Let Percipia Help You Achieve Your 2012 Goals

It is the start of a New Year and people, as well as companies and industries are making New Year resolutions. Usually the most common resolution is a more improved self, which for most people typically involves crazy fad diets and numerous hours at the gym. However, when it comes to companies and industries, a more improved self involves renovations and upgrades.
The hospitality industry is constantly evolving and in need of upgrades every year because of the increase in new technologies.  These new technological advances demand that the hospitality industry become more social and engaging with their marketing tactics and their consumers. Consumers are looking for great customer service, pricing and upgraded properties.
Earlier this month Robert Rauch, otherwise known as the Hotel Guru and president of R.A. Rauch & Associates, a San Diego-based hospitality management company, released his list of Top 10 hospitality industry trends for 2012. Of course all ten are important, but Percipia decided to touch on three of Robert’s trends, that we know we can help you achieve this year:
  1. Out With The Old and In With The New
  • Robert predicts that in 2012, “we’ll see even more hotels renovating lobbies, restaurants, bars and fitness centers, as well as replacing beds, TVs, and more.” All these renovations include not only the décor for the specific rooms but the technology within these rooms as well. This is where Percipia can help. With our spectacular procurement services we are able to help you research and contact vendors.  Our preferred status with our strategic partners provides us with significant discounts from major manufacturers such as LG, Sony, Philips, Panasonic and Samsung.
2. There’s an App For That
  • More and more travelers are owners of smart-phones and tablets. They rely on their mobile devices and tablets not only to research lodging and travel options, but to book and communicate room preferences directly with the hotel. Therefore, it’s crucial for hoteliers to optimize their website for mobile usage to capture potential mobile transactions. And what better way to do that then with Percipia mobile applications! Percipia mobile applications have the ability to be accessed worldwide all day everyday. This means that, at any given time users can safely and securely book, change, or cancel hotel reservations regardless of their location. Guests can also be informed when changes are made to their reservations prior to checking in. The mobile applications also allow hoteliers to change pricing, offers, and inventory based on their property’s individual needs.
3. It Pays to Book Online
  • According to Robert’s predictions for 2012: “The number of U.S. travelers booking and researching online will continue to grow. More than 114 million people will research travel online this year, while 94 million will actually book reservations. While more than 50 percent of travel bookings are made on the Internet.” At Percipia Networks we believe that technology solutions should be customized to work for your business and not the other way around. So with the help of our web design services we can help you spruce up and customize your website to achieve maximum online traffic and make online booking even easier for your guests.
So don’t give up on your New Years resolutions, Percipia Networks is here to help. To learn more about our services please visit our website www.percipianetworks.com.

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