Going Green: From Fad to Necessity

Going green has been an ongoing trend for a while. But with the economy changing customers are being more selective with the companies they do business with. Consumers are looking towards more sustainable and eco-friendly companies to spend their money on, and hotels are no exception.
In fact, many hotels are making the initiative to change the impact they have on the environment by adopting more eco-friendly ways of conducting business. As the hospitality industry continues to grow, so does the usage of resources they rely on. In effort to reduce resources and continue to allow tourism to rely on the natural beauty of destinations worldwide, hotel properties have begun incorporating green initiatives.
Recently, the Radisson LAX and Radisson Blu in Dubai Media City made the change to eco-friendly initiatives. The Radisson LAX installed a fully integrated energy management control system in all of their guestrooms and suites. This new system allows the property to control all of the lighting in the room, the TV’s and the HVAC, thus reducing the amount of time these systems are powered on. Having this system invites the guest to participate in being green while they travel by using wireless key card readers to determine guestroom occupancy.
The Radisson Blu in Dubai Media City has utilized the Green Key certification. They are one of six hotels in the country to currently have this certification. The Green Key is a global eco-label for the leisure industry. In order to become certified, hotels must fulfill a list of environmental requirements, covering a wide range of criteria; from environmental demands, to demands on policy, availability of action plans, education and communication.
These are just a few examples of how hotels are currently making green initiatives, however there are many additional ways hotels can “go green”.  Percipia Networks specializes in technology needs for the hospitality industry and would like to offer a few suggestions on how technology can help your hotel property go green:
  1. Utilize your energy management system to help reduce energy
  2. Using smart phones in replace of key cards
  3. Send emails in order to reduce paper usage
  4. Create a responsible recycling program for used hardware, in order to cut down on e-waste
Percipia invites you to make a more active effort in becoming a more eco-friendly property.  For more information on our products and services and how they can assist your property please visit www.percipianetworks.com

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