Frequency PBX: A Cost-Effective IP Telephony Solution

Percipia Networks has worked long and hard to bring its latest solution to the market. As of today, we are proud to offer Frequency PBX, a cost-effective, non-proprietary IP telephony system designed specifically for the hospitality segment. Just another way Percipia Networks is striving to meet the needs of properties of all sizes and budgets.
Below, please read our press release as it will appear in multiple publications throughout the week:
Percipia Networks Launches Frequency PBX To Offer Hoteliers More Cost Effective IP Phone System
Chicago, IL – June, 2011 – Percipia Networks, a leading provider of technology solutions specializing in hospitality is pleased to announce the launch of their Frequency PBX system.  Frequency, debuting June 1st, is an affordable Internet Protocol (IP) phone system designed specifically for the hospitality industry.  Percipia’s Frequency solution offers flexibility to customers, allowing them to select specific and custom packages suitable for their specific property needs.  Michael Velasquez, CEO of Percipia Networks states, “We are incredibly excited about Frequency.  Percipia is constantly looking for ways to increase the productivity of hotel properties, and while the hotel market continues to increase, the ability for properties to select specific products necessary for their progression is somewhat limited.  Frequency not only allows hoteliers to choose solutions based on their needs, but is also extremely cost effective, functional, and scalableon a variety of levels within the hospitality industry.”
About Percipia Networks
Globally recognized as a leading provider of innovative applications to the hospitality industry, Percipia Networks has an established presence as a pioneer in the advancement of next-generation guestroom technologies, including messaging platforms, feature-rich voice applications and IP telephony. Percipia is well known for their Parallax application, which offers unique IP phone applications for guest rooms such as room service, group directories and more for vendors like Cisco and NEC.  Percipia Networks also offers a wide range of technology solutions and applications – for more information please visit

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