Every Little Bit Helps: How Hotels & Hotel Guests Can Protect the Environment this Earth Day!

In order to increase the environmental awareness of both hotels and hotel guests, hotel.info is encouraging everyone to pull together for Earth Day 2012 and participate in their “Please do not disturb” campaign. They have created a simple list of tips of how both hotels and hotel guests can do their part to protect the environment.
Research shows that hotels in the USA consume an average of 84.7 billion kWh of electricity per year, which is enough to supply Washington D.C. with energy for ten years!  Hotels can cut back on their energy consumption by making small changes, which include switching from normal light bulbs to energy-saving light bulbs. This small change reduces the energy consumption for lighting by up to 75%.
One way guests can save electricity while staying in a hotel is by unplugging electronics such as hair dryers when they have finished with them.  These devices actually consume small amounts of energy even when they are switched off (I know, we were surprised too)! Some other helpful tips for guests to help protect the environment are packing their own toiletries in order to avoid plastic waste, and utilizing the “please do not disturb” when it is not absolutely essential for the room to be cleaned. These small changes will save an average hotel 30 full hot tubs of water a month!
We found these simple tips to be extremely helpful and look forward to bringing you more information on green initiatives! Go Green!
The Future of Hotels is Green The Future of Hotels is Green
What is the future of hotels? The Future of Hotels is Green. An initiative brought to you by hotel.info.

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