Applications – The new face of hospitality

With the use of mobile devices, particularly Smartphones, at an all time high it is essential that hotels keep up-to-date, relevant, and in the hands of guests – literally.
Lodging Hospitality ( found that 40% of Smartphone users have done some of their leisure travel research on their mobile device, and nearly 25% have booked travel through their phones. Many hotel chains, and even individual boutique properties, have adopted this trend by creating their own personalized applications, allowing guests to interact with the hotel through their Smartphones.
Hotel applications include convenient features, and are highly utilized.  As is the case with the InterContinental Hotels Group whose mobile application has been downloaded by more than 30,000 people, allowing them access to promotions, check-in/out, reservations, priority club profile, and 24/7 accessibility. With many hotels following suit, Smartphone apps are the future of hotel-guest relations.
Percipia Networks recognizes the importance of applications in the hospitality industry. Applications through mobile phones, tablets, PCs, and in-room telephones can all work to enhance the guest experience. We pride ourselves on being innovators of guest room technology, and continue to find intuitive ways to read guest preferences and seamlessly integrate systems under a single interface to provide unique revenue capturing services.
Please feel free email us at or visit our website,, for more information.  Let us help you reach your guests and increase your hotel’s revenue today!

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