A Boeing Beauty

There are a lot of factors that go into the amount of “enjoyment” one can have on an airplane, for lack of a better word. For the most part, flying is usually a drag unless you’re scared of it in which case makes for a generally uncomfortable experience. I suppose no one really enjoys hopping on-board a floating germ chamber, but the airline industry has been working hard to make some big changes that will affect travelers in the future (for the better, of course). The airline industry literally puts billions of dollars each year into improving in flight satisfaction. For example, Boeing has just unveiled its long awaited “super-efficient”  787 Dreamliner. As airplane moguls gawk at this engineering marvel just as any techy would relish in the sight of a brand new iPhone model, let’s take a look at some improvements that this engineering wonder has.
Composite materials- The materials these planes are made out of make the aircraft much lighter than traditional ones, making for a faster journey.
Better fuel efficiency- Built primarily as a long haul aircraft, it uses 20% less fuel than even the biggest of commercial jetliners, appeasing the go-green hippie in us all.
Bigger and auto dimming windows- This is something I am particularly excited about. When do you ever get a chance to see the world with that kind of view? Forget about the Skydeck in Willis Tower, check out the view from the Dreamliner. These windows let more light in the cabin so now you can read your SkyMall without straining your eyes. Not to mention auto dimming windows? Take my money now!
Quieter cabin- With quieter engines and air conditioning systems, you can now have some sweet dreams aboard this Dreamliner.
If you want to get on board one of these skybirds in the US, United Airlines will be the first American based airline to get its hands on one. Based out of the Houston hub and starting in November, these Dreamliners will be initially making short domestic trips mostly to allow pilots and passengers to get a feel for and hopefully gain an appreciation for the new birds.
These are just a few of the improvements. For a complete list of upgrades, click here and revel in the joy of this aviation beauty. So, while I’m a big fan – what’s your stance? Leave it in a comment!

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